Tequila And Water (Alquimia-Rita Recipe)

I have tequila on the mind. I currently write an article about tequila and water for the upcoming Edible Ojai magazine issue. Every proper Mexican has a bottle of tequila in their spirit cupboard ready to pour into small glass cups for guests. It is the fastest growing spirit in the U.S. and Europe. Chances … Continue reading Tequila And Water (Alquimia-Rita Recipe)

Pasta Water and Water (Pasta Sauce Recipe)

Reusing water never tasted so good. Until recently, I'd pour the spent pasta water on thirsty plants. The starchy salty water is excellent in pasta sauces, it thins the sauce, adds flavor and salt. Reusing the pasta water in sauces is common practice in Italy.The pasta water adds a rich, buttery flavor to the sauce. … Continue reading Pasta Water and Water (Pasta Sauce Recipe)