Pumpkins and Water

Thanksgiving is officially over and Christmas time is now here (ready or not). It is time to move aside the pumpkins and replace them with holly and snowmen.

On my front porch sits a radio flyer stacked with small pumpkins that were spared the carving knife on hallows eve. It seems a shame to throw them out. A pumpkin has a water footprint of 40.7 gallons per pound. My little red wagon carries about 730 gallons of virtual water (more or less). Pumpkins can be dry farmed. That means that the farmer has cultivated the soil to hold rain and moisture during the dry months so that the crops require NO irrigation. These pumpkins are not dry farmed. The little pumpkins on my porch splashed around in ground water- blue water.

I feel an obligation to be sure this water does not go to waste. The pumpkin cake baked by sister-n-law and served for our Thanksgiving Day dessert inspires an idea. Like my sister-in-law I will roast the pumpkins in my oven and turn them into the tastiest pumpkin cake you could ever dream of. I don’t have my hands on the recipe just yet. But in the meantime I can roast, puree and freeze the pumpkins. Once I get the recipe I will be sure to post for your little pumpkins.

Maybe I will even leave a piece of pumpkin cake out for Santa this year.

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