YouTube Video- How To Make Sustainable Pizza Dough

This is the first a series of cooking workshops. I had great fun making it, although it took much longer to film (shows how much I know about film making.) What I do know is how to cook using less water. In the film you will not only learn how to make great pizza dough … Continue reading YouTube Video- How To Make Sustainable Pizza Dough


Rainy Day Schedule

Today I watch raindrops fall. In my slice of the world raindrops have been few and infrequent. We Southern Californians pride ourselves with our endless string of sunny days, but we need rain. According to the Southern California Weather Notes, our rainfall is 51% of normal. Rain and snow naturally moves fresh water from the … Continue reading Rainy Day Schedule

Organic Is “Better” for Water

“Why can I have only organic cereal?” my daughter whined in the aisles of the supermarket. “Because organic is better for water,” I answered. The details I left for some day when my daughter is old enough to understand are the following: A study released by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) … Continue reading Organic Is “Better” for Water