How to save a river on Cinco de Mayo: Organic Margaritas

My margarita glasses look lonely this morning. But tonight they will sing a mariachi melody (if they could sing) and dress in a wrap made from chunky salt. Like millions of Americans, I will celebrate Mexico’s triumph against the French in the Battle of Puebla (never mind they ultimately lost the war.) The details don’t matter anyway for most. The truth is that Cinco de Mayo has become synonymous with margaritas and by extension- -tequila.

This is a huge holiday for tequila makers. The United States is the biggest customer of tequila thanks to the margarita. This Cinco de Mayo consider an organic tequila. There are four USDA certified organic tequilas, my favorite is Tequila Alquimia.

The conventional model of tequila production strains the integrity of fresh water resources in Mexico, from the chemical and synthetic fertilizers that run off farms into fresh water systems, to the extraction of underground water to irrigate faster than it is replenished, to the dumping of nitrogen rich vinazas untreated into rivers (this is the most egregious.) Read more with my article Tequila and Water.

This Cinco de Mayo support tequila makers like Tequila Alquimia that are committed to the preservation of water and soil in Mexico.

Organic Alquimia Margarita (AKA the Alquimia-Rita)
Shared by Dr. Adolfo Murillo

2 parts Alquimia Blanco
2 parts fresh lime juice
1 part orange juice
1 part Organic agave sweetener

Place above ingredients in a shaker with ice. Shake til very cold, and serve over ice. Toast to clean rivers.

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