A Story That Inspires Me

The picture above is bread dough rising in my friend’s kitchen. It serves as an inspiration to me to continue charging foward with the Eat Less Water book project.

During the early part of the summer my husband and I spent 15 days at Xinalani celebrating 15 years of marriage (highly recommended). We left our kids behind (highly recommended). My youngest stayed part of the time with my close friend Katie and her family. After day six, Estrella felt the absence. Katie decided what she needed was flavors from home. She gathered her ingredients of organic flours, local honey…and made Mama’s Bread.

This is what she wrote:

I’m amazed how kids can change your life in small and big ways. Sometimes quite unexpectedly. Sometimes it’s not even your own kid. And I think it just happened to me again. We’ve been taking care of my dear friend Florencia’s youngest child, Estrella for the past 6 days. In an attempt to provide a taste of home for our little Estrella, I baked Florencia’a homemade bread. Quickly it was devoured. And so I made it again–and again. I really got kneading, got my own little technique going on. Tomorrow Estrella goes to grandma’s house but I’ll send her back with her own loaf of bread. And you know what? I think I am officially done with grocery store bread! So grateful to this little spirit and her mama. My life just got sweeter.

A small action like baking bread can change the world in big ways. When more of us control the source of our food to reflect our value of clean, abundant water for our planet, change happens. Change is happening in my kitchen and in Katie’s.

Katie still bakes bread for her family. She loves to experiment and has baked at least a dozen different recipes of bread by now. Maybe I can get her to share with us her favorite so far.

Me on the other hand stick to two bread recipes. The first is a French-style bread recipe that I shape into hand-formed baguettes and Mama’s Bread a simple honey whole wheat bread (click here for recipe).

Eat less water at your kitchen table!

Be well,


2 thoughts on “A Story That Inspires Me

  1. Danielle Brown says:

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful story. Your conservation efforts are spreading across the planet, slowly but surely, like honey on one’s tongue. Don’t stop what you are doing! You ate muffins and scones at my house last week made from organic flour and organic sugar. That wouldn’t have been the case a year ago.


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