What’s for dinner?

I offer you my dinner ideas for the week as I am often asked what I am making dinner. My husband Michael and I sit down on Sunday mornings and map out the weeks menu before I head to the farmer’s market and grocery store. When we plan our menu I find that we waste less food, save money AND eliminate the aggravation of thinking each day what to make for dinner.

Tonight’s dinner: Ground beef tacos, fresh pinto beans, Mexican rice.

I use a pound of organic, rain-fed pasture raised ground beef from Novy Ranch. I add a small can of organic tomato sauce, diced onion and spices (salt, pepper, garlic powder, chili powder to taste). A recipe for the beans can be found in my blog post Eat Less Ingredients.

More dinner ideas for the week:

Asparagus and mozzarella cheese quiche (recipe link) with a green salad and fresh bread ( kneaded by my baby sister Xilen),

Bean tostadas using the left over fresh beans from tonight,

Homemade Pizza Friday (recipe link). This week toppings include a curried potato with fresh cilantro sprinkled on the pizza just out of the oven.

I write the week’s menu on the laundry door turned chalkboard so I can remember our menu plan….but mostly so my three small and often hungry kids don’t ask me “What’s for dinner?” several times a day.

Be sure to come visit the Eat Less Water Facebook page.

Eat less water at your kitchen table.

Be well,


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