Does your New Year’s Resolution Include Doing Good In The World? Here Are Some Ideas


“Water, water everywhere nor any drop to drink,” wrote poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge in his 1834 epic poem about a crew lost at sea without any fresh water aboard.

It is what came to mind as my children splashed and dove in the water at the shore of the Pacific Ocean. They left the warm water only to run a few paces to the beach towel to take a gulp of fresh, clean water from the water bottle before they returned to the salty sea.


The poem continues…

And every tongue, through utter drought,
Was withered at the root;
We could not speak, no more than if
We had been choked with soot.

Experts who met at the World Water Forum in Istanbul in 2009 predicted two-thirds of the people living on this planet in 2025 will experience water scarcity, a situation expected to result in the deaths of millions and an unprecedented rise in military conflicts. The World Economic Forum brings together the world’s business, and financial elite warned, “We are living in a water ‘bubble’ as unsustainable and fragile that which precipitated the collapse in world financial markets.”

Of all the crises coming to a head — global warming, dwindling energy reserves, pollution, nuclear reactor meltdowns, even financial crises — water scarcity is the least appreciated.

It is what drives me to continue the work I do around water conservation. Why I sold water conservation products like shower timers, and why I now write about farming practices that save water.

Let me introduce you to three organizations who are working to bring fresh clean water to communities in great need around the world. In South Africa alone, it is estimated that the women and children collectively walk the distance to the moon and back 17 times in their daily search for water.

Like, follow, sign up for newsletters, volunteer and make a financial contribution to these organizations so they can continue to bring fresh”water, water everywhere.”


Blue Planet Network– Their mission is to increase the impact of safe drinking water programs for people around the world.

Due to Blue Planet’s work, 2 million people in 3,611 communities have access to safe drinking water and the chance for more productive lives due to the efforts of our members.

Buy for yourself or gift the Blue Planet Run hardbound, full-color book (only $20). The images captured in these pages are spectacular, inspiring, maddening, frightening, informative, and breathtaking. Here is the link to buy your copy.



Charity Water–  Their mission is to bring clean drinking water to every person on the planet. By leveraging donations from individuals, corporations and foundations they funded 17,673 water projects in 24 countries. 100% 0f every dollar donated goes to a water project.

They provide three ways to help: fundraise, donate or volunteer. Fill out the volunteer page today. If you live in NYC, you can become involve with the Charity Water meet-up group. Or if you are in need of a big change in 2016, quit your job and join the Charity Water team in NYC. They are hiring.

The Samburu Project-This Santa Monica, California-based organization, builds water wells in the Samburu District of Kenya. Since they began in 2005, this non-profit organization has drilled 73  wells, providing clean, fresh drinking water to 70,000 people.

Their website provides different ways to become involved, including my favorite, “Pledge Your Birthday.” With a few clicks of a button, you can start a Samburu Project fundraising campaign. You can attach the link to your birthday invite. Do you need another gift card to Target, Starbucks for your B-Day? As little as $20 provides water to one person for life.

There is power in the collective!

Eat Less Water at the kitchen table.

Be well,

Florencia Ramirez



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