Sing, Dance the Conga Line, and Eat Right with Grammy Nominated Jose-Luis Orozco


Cover art by Elisa Kleven


Get ready to dance! Jose-Luis Orozco, a beloved singer and musician for children, is joined by LA’s top Grammy-Award winning musicians, on his latest album Come Bien! Eat Right! released on the Smithsonian Folkways label.

The album is a mixture of Latino rhythms, from samba, salsa, traditional corridos, performed by members of LA Grammy-winning bands, Quetzal and Ozomatli. But the mission of this album isn’t only to inspire conga lines in kindergarten classrooms across the Americas, but to encourage better eating habits.


Jose-Luis Orozco (front) with members of from LA-based band Quetzal.

The Grammy-nominated bilingual record is in response to child obesity and escalating diabetes rates, especially among Latino children.

“If you want a lasting life, eat healthy, and eat right,” begins the title song. It continues, “Eat your meals with moderation. Always balance your selections. Eating Well and working out, that’s what this is all about.”


Illustrations by Eliza Kleven


My favorite song is titled, “Water, Agua,” the final track. (Surprised?)

Jose speaks this track, like a poem or a sweet nursery rhyme to the gentle sound of a rain stick. He says,”

A great gift from our Mother Earth is water.

Water is the perfect drink for a long-lasting life!

I drink clean and fresh water with every meal.

Water helps my body absorb nutrients.

Water keeps my body clean and healthy.

Water removes food waste from my body.

Water keeps me cool and protects my vital organs.

Water regulates my body temperature.

I like pure and fresh water!


A selfie with Jose-Luis Orozco on Ash Wednesday.

There is power in the collective!

Eat less water at the kitchen table.

Be well,

Florencia Ramirez

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