Food is a delicious gift from planet earth. Celebrate Earth Day with a feast of flavor.

I offer you links to four recipes to eat your way through your Earth Day, including chocolate cake for dessert. But these recipes are a bit different than the standard. These recipes are designed to be action steps to building a healthy environment by encouraging us to reconsider our ingredients.

You will see words like organic, fair trade, dry farmed and pasture-raised. For example, the Stir-Fry recipe calls for organic tofu.While it may seem like no big deal to swap the conventionally grown tofu with the organic variety, it does make a difference to the quality of air, soil and water. Certified organic, non-GMO, fair-trade, and Demeter labels represent a food system that farms without chemicals, signaling to the eater that their food is grown using a system of farming Mother Nature intended.

Four meals alone are not going to save the planet, but you and I together will change the world with what we eat. Be an educated eater.


Press here for recipe
Press here for the recipe
Drought-Friendly Cooking
Press here for the recipe
Press here for the recipe

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There is power in the collective!

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