Advanced Praise for Eat Less Water

Writing a book is a lot like baking bread. It takes time, patience, and faith to transform the flour, water, and yeast from a sticky mess into one smooth mound of dough ready to rise.

Eat Less Water is ready to rise off the page and become a vehicle for positive change, but it needs the momentum of a community to propel it forward. One powerful way for booksellers to feel the momentum is with pre-orders. If buyers for retailers like Amazon and Barnes and Noble see strong pre-order numbers ahead of the release date, they increase their initial order. Pre-sales drive books to the top of bestseller lists because ALL pre-orders count toward first-week sales.



We opened the box with the Eat Less Water Advanced Readers Copies as a family. The feeling of holding the book is tremendous, almost like giving birth; but this labor was much longer…7 years!



Order your pre-order copy now at IndieboundAmazon,Barnes and NobleBooks-a-Million, and Indigo (Canada).

I’m humbled to have the endorsement of the following authors, activists, and changemakers:


dolores huerta

Source: National Women’s History Museum

“Water is life: A fundamental human right. The movement to protect our water resources is here. We must all participate if we are to save Mother Earth. Eat Less Water is an impassioned call to action. Read, learn, and act, Florencia Ramirez shows us how.


DOLORES HUERTA, Co-Founder of the United Farm Workers, Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipient, and President of the Dolores Huerta Foundation





Source: HarperCollins

Eat Less Water is as clever as its title. It’s a thoughtful book complete with recipes that are as good for your taste buds as they are for the planet. Read it and learn. Read it and eat. Read it as a reminder that our world’s most precious resource is in jeopardy– and yet we can do something about it. Read it to find out how.”


THOMAS M. KOSTIGEN, New York Times bestselling author of The Green Book



sim & oprah


Eat Less Water is an informative, loving tribute to the source from which all life springs. Through explorations of food ranging from pasta to wine, Florencia Ramirez reveals how cultivation and consumption impact global water usage, sharing insights on how we, the eaters, can support a less-resource intensive practice in food and agriculture that is not only sustainable but delicious.”


SIMRAN SETHIauthor of Bread, Wine, Chocolate: The Slow Loss of Foods We Love




This beautifully crafted and well-researched book is for anyone concerned about living healthfully, as well as living lightly, on this planet. Florencia Ramirez offers us a clear path to make every food purchasing decision count. As a physician working in nutrition and wellness, this book provides me even more valuable support for the case for a plant-based diet. If we are truly interested in our most vibrant heath, in the health and well-being of our children, we must focus on sustainable, organic, toxin-free practices. All readers, wherever their knowledge base on the subject, will find much to stimulate their thinking in Eat Less Water

DR. GEETA MAKER CLARK, MDIntegrative Family Medicine, Maternal Child Health, Co-Director of Culinary Medicine Project, Clinical Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Integrative Medical Education, Pritzker School of Medicine, University of Chicago, Founder, Food as Medicine workshop series



Eat Less Water is eloquent and factual and reading it left an aftertaste in my mouth that I long to stay forever. Savory food recipes, at the end of each chapter, helps the eater see cooking with a new lens.  Florencia Ramirez helped me see how life-affirming water is a way to cleanse the soul and the heart.


— JACQUI  BURGE, Founder of Desk Yogi, a wellness company

Let us break bread and change the world together.

There is power in the collective.

Be well,


– Jacqui Burge Founder of Desk Yogi, a wellness company. 

2 thoughts on “Advanced Praise for Eat Less Water

  1. Florencia Ramirez says:

    What a great idea Mona! I don’t think most people realize that you can request your library to place a preorder…I know I didn’t. Do you know if you need to go to the library to request the book or can you call your local library?


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