Eat Less Water Kitchen Table Tour-Coming to a Kitchen Near You

The Eat Less Water (ELW) Book Tour, traveling to every region of the U.S., will take a detour into home kitchens near you, with the Eat Less Water Kitchen Table Tour. 

While I read a short excerpt from the book, setting the theme for the evening, the ELW Kitchen Table Tour is not intended to be a reading, but rather an opportunity to experience the book. 


Everyone pitches in to chop, and whip up the evening’s meal while together we discuss the connection between a particular ingredient and its impact on water systems around the world. 

The first two events, the test kitchens, where close to home, in Ventura, CA. Thank you to hosts Vanessa and Anne & Roger for gathering friends and family in their respective kitchens to cook and learn about what it means to eat less water.

In Vanessa’s kitchen, 20 women helped to cook the Green Eggs Asparagus and Spinach Quiche and a Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble Pie for dessert. Guests brought eggs from their backyard chicken coops, the vegetables and strawberries came from the local farmers’ market, and milk was from the cooperative of small family farmers distributed under the Organic Valley label. 


In Anne and Roger’s kitchen, we baked Taza Chocolate Mexicano Cookies. While the cookies baked, we drew the connection between our chocolate choices, forests, and peatlands in the tropics. And we discussed why direct trade, rainforest certified and free trade products commodities like chocolate improve the quality of life of farmers and water systems around the world.


Guests poured themselves milk in a mason jar to wash down the warm cookies. Anne asked me to explain the best milk choice for water among the many options of milk she served (cows, soy, almond).


And for those who preferred red wine with their chocolate, Benzinger wine was served. I explained why grapes vines with deep root systems, like the ones I saw at Benzinger Vineyard in Glen Ellen, California not only use less water but produce a more delicious wine, overflowing with minerals.



Coming September, I will cook Nelida’s Cheese, Swiss Chard, and Kale Tamales and pour Tequila Alquimia in Barry and April’s Brooklyn, NY kitchen. Two nights later I’ll be in Stephanie’s Oakland kitchen (menu TBD). In October, I’ll be closer to home cooking Michael’s Organic Dark Ale Two-Bean Chili with Tempeh in Victoria’s Ojai, California kitchen co-hosted with Jacqui.

Did you want to host an event in your kitchen? Please send an email to I’m currently looking for a second kitchen in the NYC area while on either September 11, 12 or 14. And I’m looking for a kitchen in Miami while I’m in town for the Miami Book Festival this November.

Eat less water at the kitchen table.

There is power in the collective!

Be well,





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