Eat, Drink and Make a Difference

The average home price in Half Moon Bay is $1,110,200 and forecasted to rise by 2% this year alone. With a minimum wage of $10.50 in California, it’s hard to imagine how individuals and families working in farms, restaurants, and shops catering to the tourists that pour into the idyllic seaside city make ends meet.

Many don’t.

This is where Abundant Grace Coastside Worker, a non-profit organization, comes in. Walk into the local Lutheran church Wednesdays and Thursdays between the hours of 7-9 a.m. and find 100 people, mostly families sharing a nutritious breakfast cooked and served by Abundant Grace Coastside Worker director Eric DeBode and a team of volunteers free of charge.

Eric DeBode, Executive Director at Abundant Grace Coastside Worker

You can say, these breakfasts are farm-to-table, as the produce served on the plates are grown at Potrero Nuevo Farm (PNF), just a few minutes South of Half Moon Bay.  PNF donates the use of its land, farm equipment, harvest support, seed and other materials. Abundant Grace Coastside Worker employs homeless people and farm workers to plant and harvests over 20,000 pounds of fresh, organic produce every year. They distribute the vegetables for FREE at five sites made possible by

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…donations of time and money.

This is where WE come in. On Saturday, October 7 join me around the table at Potrero Nuevo Farm for a sunset/starlit dinner and eat organic food, drink biodynamic wine and make a difference as 100% of the ticket price supports Abundant Grace programs.

Abundant Grace

Buy tickets here.

I will read a short excerpt from Eat Less Water and discuss the connection between what’s on our plate and water systems around the world. Books will be available for sale before they hit bookstores on November 1.

If you can’t make it to Half Moon Bay for this first annual benefit, consider making a donation to support food justice, access to organic fruits and vegetables, disease prevention, and sustainable farming practices.

There is power in the collective!

Eat less water at the kitchen table.

Be well,