Eat Less Water National Book Release PARTY & READING November 1, 2017 at Leashless Brewing

It took seven years, 16,000 miles of travel and a whole lot of faith to finish Eat Less Water (ELW). But as Nelson Mandela said, “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”  The official release date is on November 1, 2017, and I want you to help me celebrate with a glass of organic beer.  

Abundant Grace

Join me on Wednesday, November 1st at Leashless Brewing in Ventura, the 805’s ONLY 100% certified brewery.

The official event time is from 6-8 PM  but consider arriving early to settle in with Belgium-style beer and tasty food from the Farm and Flame food truck parked at the brewery. And stay late…beer will be served until 10.



photo credit: LA Stainless Kings


EAT- I’m in conversation with Heather Worell, executive chef of Farm and Flame to include the Greenstar Spent Grain Burger recipe found at the end of the Beer and Water chapter as a special menu item for the event. The vegetarian burger will incorporate organic spent grain provided by John Gonzales, owner of Leashless Brewing. (Click here for mouth-watering menu options.)

DRINK & LEARN– The reading will begin at 6:30 PM followed by a book signing. John and Leila Gonzalez, owners of Leashless Brewing, have agreed to join me in the reading of the Beer and Water chapter. It is a book reading designed to speak to all the senses.

ART ON DISPLAY– November 1st is Day of the Dead. Local artists Bebe and Art Rivas volunteered to help build an altar dedicated to local, national and international heroes of the land, water, air, and wildlife. Please feel free to contribute to the altar with photographs, quotes, or symbols.

It will be a book release to remember.

There is power in the collective.

Eat less water at the kitchen table!

Be well,





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