An EAT LESS WATER Follow That Chef at the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market & The Gourmandise School

Join me and Chef Heather Worrell of Farm and Flame THIS WEDNESDAY March 7 at the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market. We are participating in the FOLLOW THAT CHEF program, a collaboration between the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market and The Gourmandise Cooking School. Participants are treated to a FREE cooking class led by chefs.
The class begins at the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market. Together we will search for water-sustainable ingredients from local, water-sustainable farmers. Learn how to ask for water-sustainable foods with question like,
  • “Do you rotate the animals on your farm?”
  • “Do you dry-farm?”
  • “Do you use any chemical or petroleum-based fertilizers to grow your food?”
  • “What type of irrigation do you use?”
Together we will make following recipes:
Green Eggs Asparagus and Spring Onion Quiche
w/ a Dry-Farmed Homemade Spelt Crust 
Winter Citrus Local Green Salad w/ a Poppy Seed Dressing 
We will walk the ingredients back to The Gourmandise School (located on the fourth floor of the Santa Monica Mall). Participants will help heather and I prepare the day’s menu while learning why the source of ingredients matter to water systems around the world. At the end of class we will sample the quiche and salad.
Eat Less Water books will be available for sale.
Go to The Gourmandise School website to sign up. Class begins at 9:00 AM this Wednesday.
There is power in the collective!
Be well,