Plant Based Monday- Organic Berry and Greens Smoothie Recipe



Meat and dairy production is the largest users and polluter of water on the planet. If you make one change in your diet, EAT LESS MEAT AND DAIRY and SUPPORT DAIRY FARMERS AND RANCHERS who ROTATE their animals on ORGANIC pastures. In my book I describe what the very best in animal production looks like with farms like Coyote Creek Farm, Hunter Cattle, and Cobblestone Valley Farm.

Smoothies are my daily staple for breakfast or lunch. It provides my body with three servings of vegetables AND it helps me to waste less food. I turn vegetables or fruit that might be just past its prime into something delicious. For more nutrition add a tablespoon of ground flax seed and/or chia (soak the chia seeds first).

Eat less water at the kitchen table.

There is power in the collective!

Be well,


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