1 cup of cooked rice =50 gallons of water

1 pound of uncooked rice = 300 gallons of water

My go-to rice is Lotus Foods. Lotus Foods supports small-scale farms around the globe who implement SRI (System of Rice Intensification). This method not only uses 40% less water than traditional flooding, but studies show SRI rice like Lotus has lower arsenic levels.

Lotus sells many ancient varieties of rice including Fobidden Rice (black) and Red Rice. I purchase the basmati rice in a 25-pound bag and store in a plastic bin designed for rice in my kitchen pantry. Bulk is more affordable and it generates less packaging. If 25 lbs is too much rice for you, I find it cheaper to purchase in 6 packs (linked below). With my prime membership, I get free shipping.

Lotus Foods is found in many chain and specialty grocery stores. If it’s not sold in your local store, ASK.