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Why eat tomatoes in season?

I woke this morning thinking of tomatoes. Last night I sliced a tomato for my salad and noticed its perfect resemblance to a heart. My kids giggled at the shape. I photographed it before it was diced into imperfect squares. The season… Read More

Why I eat only homemade organic cookies.

I admit it. I am a cookie snob. Don’t bother serving me a cookie that requires removal from plastic, cardboard or both. My cookie snobbery goes beyond flavor; though I have yet to find a store bought cookie that replicates the gooey,… Read More

Limits of USDA Organic on Water

Organic farming is better than conventional farming at reducing gray water runoff, largely because it avoids the use of synthetic fertilizers, but organic farming methods alone have limitations when it comes to achieving water-sustainable food production as do organic Concentrated Animal Feeding… Read More

YouTube Video- How To Make Sustainable Pizza Dough

This is the first a series of cooking workshops. I had great fun making it, although it took much longer to film (shows how much I know about film making.) What I do know is how to cook using less water. In… Read More

Kneading Bread Dough Around the Kitchen Table (Easy Baguette Recipe)

Last Saturday, nine woman stood around my kitchen table kneading bread. My premise for my book in progress, Eat Less Water, is that the most important water conservation that any of us can do happens at the kitchen table. To have a… Read More

Water Conservation at the Kitchen Table: Tequila and Water

I swirl the golden liquid in my glass. “Notice the color of the gold añejo,” directs Dr. Adolfo Murillo, the maker of Tequila Alquimia. “Its color comes from oak barrels.” Absent are wedges of lime and shakers of salt that are used… Read More

Pasta and Water published in Edible Santa Barbara Summer edition (Fresh Pasta Recipe)

One Pound of Pasta = 230 gallons of water The Italian machine grows long linguine noodles with ease. The fresh pasta is dusted with the gold coarse powder of semolina and disappears into butcher paper before it remerges at the Santa Barbara… Read More

Turkey Sandwich and Water (Whole Wheat Bread Recipe)

Five days a week for the last 15 years, my husband has packed a turkey sandwich for lunch. Since I work from home, I have assumed the responsibility of the turkey sandwich. I admired the sandwich I managed to make this morning… Read More

Chicken and Water

Out of the oven the bird smells glorious. A stab of the golden skin releases its tasty juice. The 1,876 gallons of fresh water embedded in the skin of the chicken does not leak out. The average amount of fresh water used… Read More

Color and Water

Water is colorless. In the virtual world of water footprints water has been assigned the colors blue, green and grey. Water sourced from ground water, reservoirs, and rivers that scribble across the landscape is considered blue water. Rain water is green water…. Read More