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Lessons From a California Dry Farmer

John DeRosier’s With the Grain farm grows a diversity of grains without irrigation during the winter and summer months, even when the temperature consistently tops 110 degrees Fahrenheit in Paso Robles, California. He is a dry farmer. The concept was implausible at first…. Read More

How to Eat Less Water-Article in California Health

The Winter Issue of California Health Magazine features an article on How To Eat Less Water in the Environment section written by Hannah Guzik. To read the article click here or request a free magazine at healthycal.org. The article includes an informative… Read More

Eat Less Ingredients…as easy as 1, 2, 3 (Roasted Butternut Squash, Fresh Beans, Steel-Cut Blueberry Oatmeal Recipes)

It takes 29 ingredients to make mole, the thick chocolaty, spicy sauce that drowns moist chicken. Mole (pronounced moe-lay) is a recipe reserved for birthdays, baptisms, weddings…I personally have yet to attempt the recipe, the long list of ingredients overwhelms. I prefer… Read More

Thanksgiving Preparations…Cook From Scratch (French-Style Bread Recipe)

Thanksgiving preparations are well underway in my kitchen. Tis the season to cook what’s in season and from scratch. I started with bread. Bread is great to make ahead of time because it can be frozen and baked right before you serve… Read More

Descendant of farm workers wants to “Eat Less Water”

By Hannah Guzik Originally published in the California Health Report     Nearly every afternoon this summer, Florencia Ramirez drove past the strawberries and lima beans growing in the Oxnard plain, and each time she grew angry about what she saw. As… Read More

‘Sustainably Farmed’ Defined

“What does sustainably farmed mean?” I asked at the farmer’s market. The word sustainable is a word that is often thrown around to describe anything from food to underwear. “Sustainably farmed means we don’t use chemicals when we don’t need to and… Read More

Summer Pie with Crumb Top…easy, water-sustainable and delicious (Fruit Pie Recipe)

I am a big believer in Michael Pollan’s Food Rules on dessert. I paraphrase the rule but it something like, only eat homemade dessert. Not only has this rule saved me hundreds of thousands of calories but it allows me to control… Read More

The Grip of Severe Droughts

Ninety percent of agriculture worldwide is rain-fed, grown with green water. Rain-fed food requires no irrigation because the crop is sustained during the dry summer months with spring rainfall. But our global climate is moving us into unchartered territory. According to the… Read More

YouTube Video- How To Make Sustainable Pizza Dough

This is the first a series of cooking workshops. I had great fun making it, although it took much longer to film (shows how much I know about film making.) What I do know is how to cook using less water. In… Read More

Oxnard woman says water reduction is on the menu (original article printed in the VC Star)

By Hannah Guzik Photo by David Yamamoto Special to The Star Original post March 7, 2012 at 5:48 p.m., updated March 7, 2012 at 6:22 p.m. Florencia Ramirez is on the “eat less water” diet. From her kitchen in Oxnard’s historic district,… Read More

Kneading Bread Dough Around the Kitchen Table (Easy Baguette Recipe)

Last Saturday, nine woman stood around my kitchen table kneading bread. My premise for my book in progress, Eat Less Water, is that the most important water conservation that any of us can do happens at the kitchen table. To have a… Read More

Dry Farming and Water

I followed the rain clouds along the two-lane road leading to With the Grain farm. On a slope above the wheat fields was a small house, home to John DeRosier, his wife Leaf and teenage son Noah. Near the house stood a… Read More