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Eat Less Water Pre-Launch Book Tour Starts in NYC

The Eat Less Water (ELW) book tour has launched beginning in NYC. More events in NY are planned, including a reading in the John Hozka Community Garden featured in my Gardens and Water chapter, and a cooking demonstration in a private home in… Read More

Advanced Praise for Eat Less Water

Writing a book is a lot like baking bread. It takes time, patience, and faith to transform the flour, water, and yeast from a sticky mess into one smooth mound of dough ready to rise. Eat Less Water is ready to rise… Read More

The Paris Boulangerie

The morning rhythm of heels against the cobblestone sidewalks woke me on our first morning in Paris. I tried to go back to sleep, we had checked into our apartment only six hours earlier, but my empty stomach was impatient. Croissants, pain au chocolat,… Read More

Get The Good Chocolate for Yourself

“Get the good chocolate for yourself,” advises author Simran Sethi, on her newly launched chocolate podcast,  The Slow Melt.  Good chocolate demands you place the decadent morsel in your mouth to slowly seep into each pore of the tongue. And as Simran Sethi… Read More

America the Beautiful Thanks to the EPA- an open letter to Scott Pruitt

Dear Mr. Scott Pruitt (President Trump’s Nominee to lead the Environmental Protection Agency), On warm winter afternoons, my daughter Estrella and I head to the beach.  She sits in the matching beach chair beside me with her sketch pad and Harry Potter… Read More

Spend three times the money on pasture-raised eggs or eat three times the eggs

I hosted an impromptu brunch for 11. Bell pepper, onion, kale, cheese, and butter leftover from last week’s farmers’ market were perfect ingredients for a tasty omelet. Apples and bananas leftover from the week’s grocery trip earlier in the week, and oranges… Read More

Why Homemade Food is Better

In my forthcoming book, Eat Less Water, I list the top five action steps to initiate in your kitchen to save water. Cooking meals at home as much as possible is one of them. When you cook meals, you control the source of your… Read More

Celebrate This St. Patrick’s Day with “Green” Water Food

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by eating food produced with GREEN Water. Not literally green, but food grown with natural rain and moisture. Water footprint researchers assigned colors to water to help differentiate the types of water sources: blue, green and gray. Blue… Read More

“Climate Change is Real”and 5 Things You Can Do About It

“Climate change is real. And it is happening right now,” said Leonardo DiCaprio during his impassioned Oscar acceptance speech. He continued, “It is the most urgent threat facing our species. And we need to work collectively and stop procrastinating.”     What… Read More

Sing, Dance the Conga Line, and Eat Right with Grammy Nominated Jose-Luis Orozco

  Get ready to dance! Jose-Luis Orozco, a beloved singer and musician for children, is joined by LA’s top Grammy-Award winning musicians, on his latest album Come Bien! Eat Right! released on the Smithsonian Folkways label. The album is a mixture of Latino rhythms,… Read More

Spread the Love of Water and Win Water Saving Swag

  “The more motivated you are by love, the more fearless and free your action will be.” – Dalai Lama My husband Michael whispers the words, “love and “gratitude,” into his glass of water each morning. Japanese scientists found water responds to… Read More

What Does An Omelette Have To Do With Clean Water?

Half the world population will experience freshwater shortages, referred to as water scarcity by 2030. Water scarcity is at our shore now. Supply and quality are the two leading causes of water scarcity according to the United Nations. Ask the people in Central… Read More