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How To Decorate With Less Water

The non-edible stuff in the average home has a water footprint of 200,000 gallons of water. Purchasing used furnishings is the reduce, re-use, recycle H2O model to home decorating.

KIDmade Organic Cookies

A few months back I wrote about the importance of cultivating the next generation of mini-chefs in the post, Top Reasons Why Kids Need to be in the Kitchen. In the article, I made the connection between the outsourcing of food preparation to… Read More

“The Third Thing” That Makes Water

D.H. Lawrence wrote, “Water is H2O, hydrogen two parts, oxygen one, but there is also a third thing that makes it water. And nobody knows what it is.” It was 75 degrees at 4:30 P.M. at the beach. I’d just dropped my… Read More

HUSBANDmade Organic Pancakes From Scratch (Pancake Recipe)

“I’m going to make pancakes from scratch for breakfast,” said my husband. A moment straight from the book Porn for Women, where fully clothed men say things like, “honey, relax while I change the baby’s diaper,” or “let me fold all the… Read More

DIY Pizza for Super Bowl Sunday

Doorbells across the U.S. will ring this Super Bowl Sunday. Domino’s pizza alone estimates they’ll deliver 11 million slices of pizza. Last night it was decided we would have pizza delivered. “You are too busy to make pizza. Let’s just order in,”… Read More

What’s for dinner?

I offer you my dinner ideas for the week as I am often asked what I am making dinner. My husband Michael and I sit down on Sunday mornings and map out the weeks menu before I head to the farmer’s market… Read More

Eat Less Ingredients…as easy as 1, 2, 3 (Roasted Butternut Squash, Fresh Beans, Steel-Cut Blueberry Oatmeal Recipes)

It takes 29 ingredients to make mole, the thick chocolaty, spicy sauce that drowns moist chicken. Mole (pronounced moe-lay) is a recipe reserved for birthdays, baptisms, weddings…I personally have yet to attempt the recipe, the long list of ingredients overwhelms. I prefer… Read More

Thanksgiving Preparations…Cook From Scratch (French-Style Bread Recipe)

Thanksgiving preparations are well underway in my kitchen. Tis the season to cook what’s in season and from scratch. I started with bread. Bread is great to make ahead of time because it can be frozen and baked right before you serve… Read More

A Story That Inspires Me

The picture above is bread dough rising in my friend’s kitchen. It serves as an inspiration to me to continue charging foward with the Eat Less Water book project. During the early part of the summer my husband and I spent 15… Read More

Believe in Mermaids

By Florencia Ramirez I believe in mermaids. Not the existence of mermaids even though much of the ocean is swallowed in mystery. It is estimated that only five percent of the ocean has been explored according to the NOAA. The mermaid is… Read More

YouTube Video- How To Make Sustainable Pizza Dough

This is the first a series of cooking workshops. I had great fun making it, although it took much longer to film (shows how much I know about film making.) What I do know is how to cook using less water. In… Read More

Making Homemade Pizza (Pizza Dough Recipe)

A slice of pizza has a water footprint of 40 gallons of fresh water. Add meat and the water footprint sky rockets. Ten women and two children gathered around my kitchen table and mixed, kneaded and rolled pizza dough AND learned why… Read More